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Everybody loves a quiz.

They are just for fun and free to enter.
All we ask is you enjoy yourself. Which isn’t hard because you’re on your holidays!

Different themed quizzes, Eezy Peezy Trivia, Family Fortunes, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Wots the Product and TV and Movies. All designed so that you can play along, young or more mature!We also give away free drinks during the quiz, which everybody obviously likes. Following the quiz we do a free raffle for various prizes like free breakfasts, champagne, windsurfing lessons, evening meals, go-karting tickets, Lanzarote football club entrance tickets, travel wallets, sweets, cool bags and not forgetting our famous beach balls!

Quiz Nights:

We have quizzes on different nights of the week so just pop in or go to our ‘Whats On’ guide

Bingo but not as we know it.
Where number are replaced by music. Have a sing a long whilst having fun.